Welcome to the updated website for SeeDarkly Publications & Promotions!
For some time, SeeDarkly.Com was home to the New England Scene Darkly calendar, a resource tracking goth/industrial dance events throughout New England.
Originally, however, SeeDarkly launched as both a "publications" AND "promotional" endeavor.
Now, since we have released THE MYTH PROSAIC by Georgia Z, we have re-purposed SeeDarkly.COM to focus on those efforts again.
New England Scene Darkly can now be found here @ SeeDarkly.Net. DJ Xero & other SeeDarkly Promotions can also be found by through their banners below.

New England Scene Darkly is an active look at the New England goth & industrial dance club scene, covering Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maine, New Hampshire, & Vermont.
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Below is the calendar view of the list. Click an event to access the links for more information. Click the "Month" tab to see an overview of the month. Any questions? Email seedarklyx<nospam>@ gmail.com

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